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Are your landing pages Google compliant?

Landing pages, sales pages, opt in pages…whatever you want to call them and whatever their purpose, they are a vital part of any online business these days. And often you are connecting them to an ad, hoping to boost the conversion of whatever product or event you are selling or giving away.

And this is sometimes where the trouble begins.

Sitting down to check how well your ads are doing and finding that not only has your ad not been approved, but that you have been axed as an account, can certainly make you feel a little like this:


So avoid it. Follow the rules from the start.

As someone who has gotten my entire ad account banned from Facebook (and reinstated, thank goodness!), I at first found the requirements rather vague and rather ridiculous.

But they are there for a reason, and its a very good reason! They simply are trying to protect the consumer.

Should they be a little more forgiving the folks who are new to the ad business? Of course they should! I have no idea why they aren’t. Seems like shooting yourself in the foot to ban someone who is trying to give you money. But, for whatever reason, it is what it is.

The good folks at Digital Marketer just put out an article that lays out everything your landing pages need to be compliant with Google Ads. Now, maybe you aren’t running a Google Ad…this still applies. Their logic is that Google Ads is the strictist ad system out there and if you comply with Google, you will comply with the others by default. Plus the others, like Facebook, might update their requirements to closer fit Google’s any day now. Better to not be caught off guard!

Stop tailoring different landing pages to different ad networks based on compliance. Pick the strictest one and develop all your pages with that as the baseline.

Not only will this save you time and help you better organize your landing pages, it protects you when less strict networks, e.g., Facebook, decide to change their terms!

Google is hands down the stricter of the ad networks…  source: Digital Marketer

A couple of the more surprising compliance items include:

  • Put your logo in the header and make it clickable. WHAT??? That goes against everything we have been taught! They’ve got some good reasoning though. And Google wants it.
  • Footer navigation that includes About Us, Privacy, Terms and Contact Us. The logic here being that not only should you make your privacy and terms easily readable, but you should also be able to prove you are a real site.
  • Detailed opt in expectations. No, “we promise not to send you spam” does not cut it. According to the guidelines, you need to actually make it clear that you are going to be not only sending them what they opted in for, but that you are going to be sending your newsletter and other offers to them as well. To me, this seems like a no-brainer that OF COURSE you will be doing that. Unfortunately there are lots of folks who just don’t get it.
  • And that includes having a link to your privacy policy under each opt in button, not just at the bottom of your page.

Check out the original article, The 9-Point Google Compliant Landing Page Checklist, here. It is well worth reading several times and digesting every tidbit. These are 9 points you do not want to miss if you are going to be promoting your landing page with ads, plus detailed examples of “done well” and “not so well” with pictures like this one:


And they even share what they have done wrong on THEIR OWN landing pages!

Plus they are giving you a handy printable checklist to keep for future reference.

Click here to read it all. Seriously…devour this information. You will thank me for sharing I’m sure! 🙂

Email list building

Want to build a big e-mail list? This is a fun way to learn how!

Every year for the last few years, summer has been extra fun and profitable because of a great FREE program teaching massive list building skills. My friend PJ Van Hulle has been hosting List-a-Palooza for a while and it has become something I really look forward to!

List-A-Palooza 90 Day List Building Challenge

Each week through the summer (till the end of August!), she has a couple of guest speakers teaching an important aspect or new method to building and maintaining your list. Then there is a day set aside specifically for networking with the other thousands of people learning along with you. Most of these include opportunities to share your free opt in and also opportunities to grow your social media following…which very well could result in more $$ for you! (Yes, I have gotten a few clients from my List-a-Palooza contacts!)

Email list building

And there is the list building challenge built into the whole process. If you start out with a list of 1,000, it is not unheard of to build your list to perhaps 10,000 by the end of the challenge if you diligently follow the advice. Getting up to 1000 obviously is one of the hardest steps…but even that is easier with the tips you will learn.

So if you are ready to take your list building up to the next level, hop on over to List-a-palooza before the next session starts! (Tuesdays and Thursdays, with power hour on Wednesday) Click here to sign up for List-a-Palooza now! It’s totally FREE to participate in the live calls, the list-building challenge and the power hours!

Don’t worry…even though List-a-Palooza has been in full swing for a few weeks now, you don’t have to miss a thing because PJ has graciously offered a way to catch up or simply listen to all of the presentations at your own pace and preferred times. Watch for the upgrade package after you register for the free List-a-Palooza!

And remember, when you are ready to take the step in your list building challenge of hosting your own telesummit or giveaway, we’ve got you covered with smooth, efficient management of it! Our largest managed summit to date resulted in over 4000 new opt ins for a happy client!

Do you encourage your readers to opt in?

Do you have an opt-in? I don’t mean a “please subscribe to my newsletter” type of opt-in. I mean a IFO, or Irresistible Free Offer, that gets your readers to become your subscribers. I’m doing research for a telesummit client and I am amazed by the number of professionals out there with no opt-in at all, let alone an IFO.

So tell me, what do you have on your site and what are your thoughts about an irresistible free offer?