email marketing management

Email Marketing Management

Are you keeping in touch with your potential leads? Are you randomly sending them an email now and then or do you send it with regularity? Are you troubled by typos or wondering why the heck that email template is all screwed up?

When you have a list, you need to do something with it! Even if you’ve got a fully implemented sales funnel that is flowing fabulously, you STILL need to be sending regular emails to your list.

Some people like to email their list a few times a week. others once a week or even less. Whatever fits your personality is fine, but you MUST stay in touch AT LEAST once a month!

Your emails should be personal, or at least include a personal touch. And sell to them very little. Nobody wants to read your regular sales pitch. Sorry, but its the truth. They want to read about how you have overcome the troubles in your past, how you pulled it together and had that fabulous dream vacation (with cute and funny pictures!), how you can’t get a moment’s peace even in the bathroom because you are the work-at-home mom of a toddler, or how your cat attacked your Christmas tree–again.

They want to see the PERSON behind the business. That’s how they realize that you are not really any different from them! And that’s how they realize that they want to do business with you…whatever your business is. They see your personality, your humanity, as well as your expertise and the results you have created.

My email marketing management service can help you put those funny stories and successful adventures out there in a manner that is professional, beautiful, and just “oh so you”! I’ll make sure your emails are proofed, that links are valid, that its got the right font, the right colors, goes out on the right date with the right subject line, you name it…if it needs done through your email marketing service, I will make sure it gets done!

Our email marketing services begin at just $100 a month and are custom designed to fit your specific needs. I’m ready, are you?

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