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A New Year and New Goals

Once again, I’m rethinking my whole business model. I’ve focused in on WordPress web design and not virtual assistance. I’m hiring my own assistant and kicking my business into high gear. 2013 was a great year for me, mostly because of this refocusing.

(Want the same tips that have helped me do this? Start following Sandi Krakowski on Facebook and Twitter…the woman’s a genius!)

Now it’s the New Year…hard to believe its 2014! And it’s time to set goals! Bold, broad, bodacious goals! I’ve been hard at work squeezing in time between building websites for my clients trying to get my new website up and running. That’s soon coming to a culmination. Well, actually if you are reading this it already has! Lol

So what are some of your goals that you have planned for this year? Mine are so many, I’m sure to achieve at least one! Haha

Seriously though, my goals include continuing to expand my business, more than doubling where I’m at now with it. And that’s not just a “resolution” to “do more business” … it’s actually broken down into detailed steps that I need to accomplish in order to succeed with it. It is a goal that is achievable because I have made a map of sorts to get to my destination.

Make Your Dream Come True

I just read another blog post that had some really helpful tips for reaching resolutions and goals and a handy worksheet that I downloaded and will use.

A useful action in achieving online business success is to blog more! Well, I’m trying.

Another set of my goals include reducing the size of clothing I wear! Lol Expand in business, lose in size. Now that’s a combination! That means healthy eating and finding time for daily exercise. It’s hard to do while running a business and volunteering regularly. But I think I have made the right decisions in the last few months that are setting me in place to be able to do all of it.

Here’s to 2014! Let me know your goals too!

A New Social Media Platform That Makes it Easy to Blog and Increases SEO!

social-media-ballI’m always on the lookout for new ideas, websites or tricks to help market my clients, or market myself.  While scanning various articles that have accrued over the holidays in my Google Reader, I came across a few that sound interesting and ones I plan to check out.  It’s a constant battle to obtain and remain on the first page of Google so any new ideas are welcomed.  Today I will highlight Posterous.com.

Posterous is a new social media platform where you can post anything from text to videos to pictures.   But you post these by sending an email. Pictures can even be sent via a cell phone. This sounds like it could potentially save precious time.  As one reviewer states, “It’s also the ideal solution for sharing content that’s too long to tweet yet too short to blog post.”

Posterous also autoposts to all other social media sites you use.  You simply email your content and it will automatically update your blogs and sites such as Facebook, Xanga, WordPress, Blogger and more.  You can also publish your content on your website by setting up your Posterous account on your own URL, which could be a sub-domain on your website.  And because posting videos and pictures is so easy, you will share more and more content therefore increasing your presence in online search results.

Posterous is easily customizable as well, and has plenty of themes to choose from.  If you know CSS/HTML however, you can build your own theme. Google analytics is built in and Itunes podcasts work automatically.

This seems like a really innovative site worth checking out.  To set it up, you simply email Posterous at post@posterous.com with your first blog post, or pictures, and your account is automatically set up. So easy! I’m going to try it now.