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Giving the WordPress Desktop Version a whirl!

I am hoping that I am in love! In love with the brand new desktop app for WordPress! I just read about it on the TechCrunch blog, downloaded it and am using it now to type this.

heroMy initial thoughts:

It was very simple to install, and after logging in it’s already linked to all of the blogs/websites that are connected to my WordPress account. Sweet! So I can go into any of them and type up a blog post or write page content without having to go to the URL on my browser and access it.

Looks like if you want to do some fancy stuff you will have to access the site directly, but for the normal user this is ideal!

One dislike I have at this point, however, is that it seems to have a bit of a drag to the typing. I type fast, around 100 wpm (with some mistakes…lol), and I have had to slow down while typing this because it keeps transposing my letters. Now like I typed them wrong, but like it bounced back and put letters before others I already typed. For example: When typing the words “content without” earlier I caught that it had typed “contnt withoute”. It took the e and put all the other letters in front of it. 🙁 But that’s probably just a little glitch that most people who type normal speed would never encounter and I’m sure it will be worked out soon.

Overall, so far, I’m loving this! You should give it a try.

Download it from the WordPress website at Desktop.WordPress.com. Follow the prompts and then log in with your WordPress.com id. If you have a hosted website, make sure JetPack is installed and connected to your WordPress.com account. Your website will show up under “My Sites” if it is. If not, you will have to set that up. (Need help?)

If you have multiple sites you will need to select the one you are writing for under “My Sites”. You will then see all of your posts and pages and can make edits to them as needed.

After publishing: It showed up on my site immediately! You should also set your featured image, your tags, etc, which are shown on the left sidebar area when you are writing.

Easy peasy! Let me know how you like it!